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What It’s Really Like To Work From Home

I’ve always thought that working from home would be a dream, and in so many ways it is. However, since I found myself in this position, I’ve encountered a few difficulties too!

Of course, I’m not going to pretend it isn’t wonderful to wake up every day (without an alarm), put comfy clothes on, and know I don’t have to go anywhere if I don’t want to – especially when it’s raining! I’ve occasionally been catching up with Phil and Holly on This Morning as well – it’s nice to have my breakfast and not be in a rush.

I like the fact that I can set my own schedule too. I don’t have anyone telling me what to do or watching my every move. And if I need a cup of tea or a quick trip to the toilet, I’ll take a break whenever I bloody feel like it! I’m in charge of my own time and my own workload, which is lovely.

This does cause some of the problems though because I don’t know when to stop! Some days, I’ve been writing from 9am to about 3am the next day – I’m not joking. Although it doesn’t feel like work because I love what I’m doing, 18 hour days can’t be good for anyone.

I’m missing out on sleep too! This is partly because I don’t want to stop writing but also because every time I close my eyes, I’m thinking of new ideas and new things I want to say. Anyone that knows me will know how much I love sleep so I need to make sure this doesn’t become a regular thing or I’ll slowly start to morph into Godzilla.

I think I also need to remember to make time for me, and those around me. It’s weird because I feel like writing is “me-time.” But, I’m missing out on other things I like to do as well. I’ve not been spending as much time with my boyfriend either, but I’m going to make sure that when we do see each-other, my laptop is switched off! (Easier said than done, but a girl can try.)

My mum told me she couldn’t work from home because she’d miss out on the “social side” of work, but honestly, I think that’s a bonus – ha ha! Now I only have to speak to people I want to speak to, and don’t need to waste time thinking of weather-based small talk, whilst wasting more time queuing at the photocopier.

The most important thing I need to be mindful of though, is my mental health and sanity. Whilst I don’t have the pressures of the work environment, I need to make sure I’m still getting out the house and socialising (with people I do want to be around). I’ll maybe have to take up a hobby – I would say the gym, but then I might as well tell you that pigs can fly too.

Regardless of everything though, I still think that working from home is amaaaazing. It’s just a learning curve. Everything’s going well with my writing though and I’m hopeful it will work out.

I don’t dare think about how many cups of tea I’ll consume in my lifetime, if I do work at home forever.




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