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Work, Life and Blogging: Finding The Balance

Okay, I’m back – this is my first blog post in almost two weeks!

I’ve been struggling to find the right balance lately.

When I first started on my writing journey, my blog was my main and pretty much only focus so I was able to post regularly and make sure everything was up to scratch. Of course, with blogging comes promotion so social media took up a large part of my days too.

I love my blog. I love writing about whatever I want, when I want. I love that it’s my space and I have the final say. I love interacting with readers and other bloggers. I love that nobody can change my words or tell me they don’t like my ideas.

But right now, blogging doesn’t pay the bills.

I was so fortunate and lucky to gain regular freelance work very early on in my writing career and last month I earned almost as much as when I was teaching full time – for part time hours from home!

It’s tough though.

With the ability to choose my own hours, workload and destiny I became obsessed with working more and more.

Managing to update my blog as often as I was as well as working hard meant that I was sacrificing other things in life, such as sleep and quality time with loved ones.

My boyfriend had a week off work last week so I made a conscious effort that I’d only work my contracted bare minimum hours. I went almost cold turkey from social media and to be honest, it was needed.

Burn out narrowly missed

Now, I feel a lot more refreshed after a break and ready to find a better balance between work, life and blogging.

It is nice to just take some time out now and then though.

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  1. This is so true and exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Sometimes I joke that the “S” in self-employment stands for slavery. You’d think that being able to set your own hours would mean that you own your job, but sometimes it feels like your job owns you because the desire to do more and earn more is just so dang enticing! Freelancing can be a slippery slope, especially for those dealing with health challenges, but keep it up with finding that balance. You’ll get there!

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