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Shortlisted For A Northern Blog Award

I can’t believe I’m writing this post.

Last night I found out that not only had I been nominated, but shortlisted to the top five in my category (health/disabilities) and now have a chance to win a Northern Blog Award.

I only started my blog around 3 months ago and to already be recognised in this way is just unreal.

The shortlist was decided by a judging panel which will make up 60% of the overall result. Then, in a few days, a public vote will open which will make up the remainder. (I’ll be sharing the link when it goes live!!)

The ceremony is a flashy red carpet event in September which I’m already excited about.

I was really shocked anyway but then when I saw the other nominees in my category I was just flattered. Most of them are well established bloggers with a large following so to know I’d been shortlisted felt even more special.

It came at quite a good time for me as I’d been starting to feel a bit down about my blog and wondering if I should carry on or not, so it’s lovely to have a little boost.

Writing about mental health (and physical health sometimes too) is something I do because I want to. It helps me personally but I also want others to feel less alone.

To know that I’m making even the smallest difference to people is amazing.

Watch this space!

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