Shaping Up

Time To Shape Up

So, about a month ago I blogged about the difficulties of keeping fit and healthy when struggling with mental health.

I was gutted because I’d put on weight without really realising it and felt determined to shed the pounds and get healthy.

Shock – it didn’t last long.

That week I exercised every day and planned my meals so I’d be able to stick to a healthy diet, but then after that I slowly slipped back into old habits.

It really is a tough one.

I’m suffering with a few ongoing health conditions at the moment which mean I do need to start looking after myself, eating better and exercising more. My body needs to be as strong as it can be.

Of course, I’m still struggling with anxiety too and ‘a healthy body makes a healthy mind’ so I’m told.

But the same reasons I need to be healthier are the reasons why I find it so hard!

As I said before, I’m definitely a comfort eater. I have a lack of energy too and sometimes feel like I could go back to bed before I’ve even got up. Exercising and eating well is often the last thing on my mind.

I need to cut the crap though – in more ways than one.

I’m sick of feeling lethargic and unhappy. My self-confidence is virtually non-existent and I’m dreading the thought of having to wear less as the weather gets warmer.

Most importantly, leading this unhealthy lifestyle is not going to help with my mental or physical health so something has got to change.

I decided that if I started blogging about my journey – there will be highs and lows, believe me – I might feel more motivated to stick with it this time.

I’m not expecting any miracles and I probably won’t be posting any transformation pics any time soon… but I’ve set some targets to work towards, which I’ll share once I’ve made some progress.

To be fair, I have managed to lose about 5 pounds over the last few weeks but I’ve not really been trying. And it isn’t just about weight loss – it’s about getting fit, healthy and just bloody moving more.

Eat better and exercise. That’s all I need to do.

I’ve made a new category for all related blog posts so if you want to keep checking in you can find my updates under ‘Shaping Up.’

Wish me luck!

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  1. Again, I’m totally blown away by your honesty and transparency. What I especially appreciate is your commitment to maintaining hope and focusing on solutions despite challenges and setbacks. You are truly an inspiration, and your journey is a testament that you don’t have to be perfect to be incredible.

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