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Something In The Water

I’m feeling really calm lately.

I don’t know if it’s the sunshine putting me in a good mood or if there’s just something in the water, but ordinarily stressful or triggering situations just feel like water off a duck’s back.

Last month, for instance, I earned double what I’ve earned this month through writing. One of my regular earners has come to an end so it’s back to looking for work.

Usually, I’d be worried and obsessing about it – but I’m not!

I just feel calm. And surprisingly positive.

Though I’m not earning enough to be comfortable right now, I’m earning enough to get by. I know that I’m still in a better position than I was a few months ago and I have faith that everything will work out.

As I wrote before, it’s important to trust the timing of your life and I think I’m really starting to do that now.

I actually think that my outlook is changing as a whole.

Typically, I’m prone to catastrophising and overthinking situations but I seem to be putting things more into perspective which is making a huge difference to my mood and overall well-being.

For so long I’ve felt on the edge. As though I’m always managing to keep things together, but only just. Now, I feel content and like I can deal with anything that’s thrown at me.

I’ve started to push myself more too; I’ve been doing things that I used to enjoy before my anxiety got out of hand.

Going to the theatre has always been one of my favourite past-times and I’ve been twice within a few weeks! It felt impossible before but now I’ve realised that I can do it.

Really, I can do anything I put my mind too.

It’s all about timing and perspective.

With negative thoughts, things can spiral. And it’s the same for positive thinking. I’ve found it to be a domino effect. Making small changes to how I process and choose to see things can make a huge difference.

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